Executive Assistant, Safety, Health, & Environment
Camden, AR

Sonya, Aerojet Rocketdyne’s second quarter of 2019 Values Champion for EXCELLENCE, says the company’s values are important because they help shape the company’s vision and culture.

In her role, Sonya frequently relies on Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Shared Values to help guide employees to the right resources in the event that they have any ethics concerns. She also sees the importance of what Aerojet Rocketdyne employees bring to the table in order to enrich the values and foster an environment of sharing.

“Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Values and Code of Conduct are important in helping me explain to others the pride I feel working for a company that recognizes employees who step out of their comfort zone to do the right thing,” said Sonya. “They are important because they enable my colleagues and me to realize the commitment it takes to make Aerojet Rocketdyne the leader in building and delivering reliable products to our customers around the world.”

The value of Excellence is personally important to Sonya because it means she strives to do her best to be successful and make the company successful.

“I know that making those around me successful is a great way to foster excellence within our company,” added Sonya.

Do you know someone who is a champion of our Rocket Values?
Nominating a Values Champion is the perfect opportunity to highlight an individual’s actions that uphold our Rocket Values. Any employee who exemplifies the company’s values while performing their everyday job function is eligible. Tell us their story and which value they best represent.

Nominating a Values Champion

Values Champion nominations are now accepted only internally within the Aerojet Rocketdyne network. If you would like to nominate an employee, please contact that employee's supervisor.

Thank you. We appreciate your interest in our values.