Maintenance Mechanic
Vernon, CA

When you are in the Facilities Department, being adaptable is just part of your job. Running from one area to another assessing problems, finding the right tools to do the job, and fixing the problem can drain the energy right out of a person. David, a Maintenance Mechanic and our 2017 Q3 ADAPTABILITY Values Champion says he has not only gotten used to it, but he loves the variety of all the change that comes with his job. “I love and take pride in what I do for Aerojet Rocketdyne,” says David. David has worked at AR’s Vernon, California, site and says being adaptable and keeping production running on time in order to meet schedule requirements is an important job for the company. “I have to stay focused on my job to manage all of the projects and situations here at the site,” says David.

David is currently working on all the projects that come with sun setting the Vernon site and its production. David says, “Being adaptable today and being adaptable for what’s coming tomorrow is the best way to work in such a versatile environment.” Upon completion of the work needed to transition the work from Vernon, David will transfer to the Los Angeles site.

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Nominating a Values Champion

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