Our people power our success. Values Champions are individuals who demonstrate their commitment to live the Rocket Values on a daily basis; they are role models who embody our values as examples of outstanding ethical behavior.

Read the inspiring stories of these leaders and join us in celebrating them as Rocket Values Champions.

Values Framework

Our Values Framework forms the foundation that supports our customers by creating quality products and upholding our standards while never compromising on safety.

Customer Focus

Our efforts and intentions are always directed toward understanding and then meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers.

Ethics & Compliance

We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of ethical and business practices.


We deliver best in class products and services that reflect the highest standards of excellence and attention to detail which enable the successful completion of our customer’s mission.

Safety, Health & Environment

We will conduct our business with absolute regard for the preservation and protection of human safety, health and the environment.

Shared Values

Our Shared Values align our workforce and shape our culture enabling us to create a collaborative environment in which we do great things.

We Deliver On Our Commitments

We are responsible to our customers, shareholders and investors, for our product quality and our business practices.


We accept responsibility for own our actions, we honor our commitments and do our part to ensure the company’s success.

We Embrace Change

We are resourceful, creative, innovative, and flexible in understanding changing needs and providing optimal solutions.


We are change agents. Being agile allows us take on new challenges without compromising our level of performance, and to push the boundaries of what we believe to be possible.

We Strive For Perfection

We achieve great things by focusing on continuous improvement.


We continually pursue ways to maximize our capabilities by focusing on attention to detail and delivering high quality results for ourselves and our customers.

We Do The Right Thing

We are transparent, fair, and honest in all that we do.


We do the right thing at all times. Integrity is the foundation of how we do business and with it ultimate success is possible.

We’re In This Together

We actively seek the diverse participation of customers, partners, suppliers and others we work with to achieve success.


We respect and embrace the diverse contributions of everyone. Working together leads to synergized and productive results.

Do you know someone who is a champion of our Rocket Values?
Nominating a Values Champion is the perfect opportunity to highlight an individual’s actions that uphold our Rocket Values. Any employee who exemplifies the company’s values while performing their everyday job function is eligible. Tell us their story and which value they best represent.

Nominating a Values Champion

Values Champion nominations are now accepted only internally within the Aerojet Rocketdyne network. If you would like to nominate an employee, please contact that employee's supervisor.

Thank you. We appreciate your interest in our values.